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Score!Coffee Brownies

2 Aug


I just love home-baked desserts. I have tons of recipe that I wanna try but this time I want something easy and icing-free. After the last one I’m gonna have to keep myself away from being disappointed again.


Then kitchen smelled sooooo good while baking. I could eat brownie everyday, just love them especially when it’s got coffee in it. This one straddles the line between cakey and fudgey so you won’t have to choose. Many recipes use freshly brewed coffee but this one I use instant coffee and they were hands down, one of the best brownies I think I’ve ever had! 😉




I’m gonna try it with marshmallows next time 🙂



1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥♥


Take 2! Pan de Pastel

12 Jul

This has failed me twice already! I really want this bread but it doesn’t appear to be wanting me 😦 HELP!!! The plan: Bake a soft, cheesy yet sweet bread like that of Ensaymada. Well that was the plan but it was a disaster. I managed to go through all that mixing and rolling the dough but when I got to the point where you put the filling in and cut it…. 😦 sadness huhu. I did not take a picture of the finished good. Just moved on and happily made Cookies and Cream Cheesy Brownies and Cocoa Brownies for a paid order 😉




I want to say THANKS SOO MUCH to all of you for asking me to make you one of these brownies. I had over 30 orders for the month of June. Cheeers!!

1 out of 5? ♥

Goof off: Chocolate Brownies

25 Jun

“What are you baking today?”

“What would you want?”

“Oh, just bake whatever you feel like making!”


– conversation with my little sis. Without any plans of baking this weekend I ended up doing another brownie recipe. That was easy hah! It’s like they are making me a favor ‘coz I surely love what I’m doing. I’d say I got inspired since I made the first one. So what’s the difference of Chocolate Brownies from Cocoa Brownies? Gosh it’s so hard to compare! But one thing that made the difference I think is the way it was flavored. For Cocoa Brownie used a cupful of cocoa while a cupful of melted chocolate for the other one – YUM!!! Whatever it is I love it!


Bittersweet and unsweetened chocolates in small chunks combined.


So rich.. Chocolate heaven!





 1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥♥

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