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Score!Coffee Brownies

2 Aug


I just love home-baked desserts. I have tons of recipe that I wanna try but this time I want something easy and icing-free. After the last one I’m gonna have to keep myself away from being disappointed again.


Then kitchen smelled sooooo good while baking. I could eat brownie everyday, just love them especially when it’s got coffee in it. This one straddles the line between cakey and fudgey so you won’t have to choose. Many recipes use freshly brewed coffee but this one I use instant coffee and they were hands down, one of the best brownies I think I’ve ever had! 😉




I’m gonna try it with marshmallows next time 🙂



1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥♥


Off work: Swiss Mocha Roll

20 Apr

This turned out more like of a commercial cake. I wanted to make something new and easy but I can’t get myself off of chocolates so I thought I’d make a mocha-flavored one. This is suppose to be easy as I’m only suppose to bake this for about 15 to 20 minutes. So I started the quick mixes – flour, eggs, little bit of cocoa, sugar and some leavening; popped it in the oven. 5 mins… 10…. 15….. still waiting. And waiting for the batter to rise. until it reached 18 minutes! >_< I know I shouldn’t trust my oven because she just can’t go with the proper baking time. If instructed to bake at 15 minutes I should only bake it for 12 and now I added 6 minutes of stiffness and dryness to the cake 😦 before I take it out I knew I’ not gonna like this one. ^sigh…. 




Anyway, I made the filling while counting 15 minutes. After cooling the cake on top of sugar crystals I started spreading the filling and roll. I was so in hurry to try it. Placed some whipped cream, sliced almonds and chocolate crumbles on top. Took a slice and tasted… nomnmommm.. yummmy! — but only if you’re too hungry 😀 I realized I have not eaten my breakfast yet! It was a bit over baked but still passed the taste test! Yipee!


 1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥

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