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No-hoper: Carrot Loaf

1 Feb

Our pet dogs are so lucky being a snacker of this Carrot Loaf. Why? Because they seldomly get to taste these kind of food. And by them being lucky means me messing up something. Yes! Too bad  😦  I tried to do another version of Carrot Cake but instead doing it in a regular round baking pan I baked them in these mini loaf pans. I thought two loaf pans are just enough to yield the recipe but I was wrong – cake came out underbaked. I wasn’t expecting that. I checked them with a cake tester! The tester came out clean but after having them cooled and inhaling all the aromatic scent of cinnamon I sliced them up carefully then there goes the batter running down the serving plate! At this point, I just wished I’d find a dwarf who can make this all set just like they spin straw into gold.




I tried to put them back to the oven I didn’t expected them to baked just as they should – and they didn’t  😥  oh well there’s always a second time. Lesson learned!


I did not take a photo of the messed up ones. One of them baked just fine so we still had something to smack – and it tasted good!



1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥ 

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