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Let there be light: Mango Chiffon Cake

13 Apr

This had me drooling at first because I don’t get to eat much of this seasonal tropical fruit. I so love mango so I said to myself oh I have to turn this fruit to something my taste buds go crazy for — cakes!! I can’t help myself I searched and searched and found this Mango Chiffon Cake recipe! I was so excited as I brought my first ever non stick bundt pan. I’m just starting out so I’m trying to collect all the baking needs one at a time.

After doing the mix with my nearly busted mixer I got this very nice brownish chiffon. At first I thought it was cooked right but not! It was slightly burnt! I overcooked it but it was edible still and moist inside. I thought I’d burst. So I went on brushed some icing and topped with some ripe mangoes. Here it is…

It does not please me that much. Just thought it’d taste good to have it as a cake but not to me. Same as my taste for a banana cake. They love it though except the cream on top. They were expecting an icing again, it’s not an icing it’s a cream!

1 out of 5? ♥♥♥

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