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Tough Luck: Red Velvet Cuppies with Swiss Meringue Buttercream

9 Aug

I’ve been really busy the past weeks. Actually I haven’t been THAT busy, but it just seems like it. Making Chocolate and CnC Brownies to fill the orders. Why don’t we talk just about them shall we? Anyway, I’ve been trying to bake as much as I can but unluckily, I ran out of baking chocolates (hear you say excuses!!). Nah that’s true. I fell in love with Chocolate Brownies the first time I made it. It’s incredible. It was very decadent, moist and ultimately fudgy. I’d love to bake them again. Hopefully this weekend.





What’s new? – Same Red Velvet recipe and a soup! Yeah! Welcome to last month of wasted frosting.


Hey there little buggy


1 out of 5? ♥♥♥ – minus the frosting and the bloody red-looking dough


Oh my! Chocolate Cuppies with Buttercream Frosting

29 Jul

 CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP!!! So I finally overcome my icing fears but NO LUCK!

Here we go. I made the chocolate cuppies then continued with the buttercream icing. Crossing fingers and wishing that I don’t mess it up this time. I followed the instructions very very carefully so afraid to miss any of the steps.



Whisked and cooked the flour, sugar, milk and cream. Then I started beating using a standmixer. Little by little I added the butter…



Added some lemon zest, clear vanilla extract and more buttttttter and it all went downhill from there 😦 😦 😦 I had it going for a while and ALMOST got it to the right consistency until I added more butter – as directed take note. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. I was so frustrated. Just when you think you have it all under control something’s gonna get messed up. Don’t know if it’s because my mixer sucks or if I did something wrong again 😦

Oh well.. eff it! Maybe next time I’ll try it again after searching for those magic eggs or magic sugar 🙄 good luck! Please help me out! suggestions are very much welcome  redface 


The cuppy itself is good. But I prefer it inside the fridge so the frosting doesn’t run down.



1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥ – minus the frosting

Ta-da!: Big Messy Birthday Cake

13 Apr

♫♪happy birthday to youuuu!♪♫

A combination of 4-layer moist chocolate cake, brushed the insides with chocolate frosting and Wilton’s buttercream and fondant icing on the outside. Cake that kept me go around the kitchen for 8 hours whew

more to make cuppycakes =)

this is the hardest part where I had to make rolled fondant and buttercream icing. tried to make everything neat!

as requested, here’s for my sissy

and a big one for sis Tuesday and little Isabel


It wasn’t the skillfully designed cake but it was uber delish! Will definitely make this one again!

1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥ – will make the hearty candies less messy next time 😉

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