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Cheers to 2012!

15 Jan

Happy 2012 from Blueberry Dew! Thank you for dropping by my blog this year and here’s to the start of another one!

These are just some of the cutesy presents I got from last month. I was very pleased as I got almost every gift I’ve wanted the past year. But you know sometimes you just have to work hard, to save up enough to buy yourself whatever pricey gift you want. Then you year Angelina bought Brad Pitt a friggin’ waterfall for Christmas. Kill self!?

Anyway, this is me – where simple things in life make me happy.  A 24-count Mini Dessert Stand by Wilton and some cookware by Betty Crocker. Cute aren’t they?! It’s got silver-finished wire spirals that holds 24 mini cupcakes. It’s non-toxic and as their website says it has a durable non-chip finish so you wont have to worry about getting sores in the mucous membranes of your month.
Really easy to put together. Just stack them up
there you go

gotta whip up something soon…

I ♥ my cupcake tower. Thanks pingu!


The Pantry!

27 Feb

There’s not enough counter space for every piece of bakeware I have in the kitchen. Best space saving solution? 3-tier stackable cooling grid! This won’t let my cupcakes, cookies, cakes and all scattered around the table while I let them cool. I have yet to try it but as per Wilton, it is made of metal with non-stick coating thus making it easy to clean. Well I hope so because washing is the part I hate the most.

Dimension: 15 7/8 x 9 7/8 in. It’s stackable so there’s gonna be more room for my sweet treats.


tag: Php 590



The Pantry!

12 Feb

I went out this afternoon hoping to lighten up the gloomiest of days  😥 where else? Gourdo’s – my favorite shop ever! At this time of the year their Valentine collection are all over. Few of them are on sale apparently since Valentine’s is just few zzz’s away. Speaking of…. Well, I don’t wanna comment. 😐 I’ll just make myself some sweet treats this weekend.

I was doing rounds around the shop then ask one crew if they have Wilton 1M tip available already. He pretended to checked then immediately answered they don’t. What a downer. 😦 I’ve been asking themfor years and all I get is NO!  😥 Then I asked him again, with a threatening voice this time. 👿 He rushed back to the counter and got back with 3 1M tips! Deeeymn my heart was skipping ropes! I was so happy finally after never-ending search for that piece of metal. I got one now!!! 😳

I bought these cutesy cupcake liners too. Lovely hot summer colors aren’t they? Soooo ♥♥♥


Scored Wilton 1M open star tip for Php 95 and Cupcake Liners 225 CT for Php 140.



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