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Pillow Soft: Ensaymada

29 Apr


What to do on a 4-day-super-bummer-off? Aside from getting sun kissed on an olympic pool I made this! Flour, shortening, baking powder, eggs and lots of butter – this is what makes up a pastry. I’m a repressed pastry chef (yeah I hear you holler “chef”!?!) there are lots of pastries that I wanna try. Then ensaymada came to my mind. Thinking it was absolutely appealing to anyone since it has that sweet and cheesy effect I immediately searched and found a recipe for this super soft ensaymada (originally spelled as Ensaïmada). It’s pretty much a slow cooker. Mixed all ingredients to make the dough. Added the eggs after couple of hours and let it rise overnight.


I got really scared while the dough was trying to rise in the fridge because I know I bought the wrong kind of yeast. I tried to adjust to the procedure of active dry to rapid rise. Crossing my fingers… After a full night of beauty sleep I was surprised to see my mixing bowl with a crazy ballooney dough in it! It was a success! Now all I have to worry is the rolling and baking stage. It is a no-knead dough so with the help of my ever rolling pin I rolled and rolled and brushed with lots of softened butter. Then I made the dulce de leche filling and stuffed it inside. Mmmmn I could almost taste the teaser-like sweetness. So for the final rising what I did was I kinda baked it in the oven. Pre-baked actually. I pre-heated the oven for about 1 min while the dough is inside. Then let it rose for 30 minutes and baked!

making the dulce de leche while dough is rising…

ready to roll out!



Over-all everyone enjoyed it except my dad who usually eats sugar with his meals :D. He said he can barely taste the sweetness. But for me it was fine. The dulce de leche came out during baking stage because the dough was not able to cover it entirely but the verdict —- helluva good!


 1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥

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