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Off work: Swiss Mocha Roll

20 Apr

This turned out more like of a commercial cake. I wanted to make something new and easy but I can’t get myself off of chocolates so I thought I’d make a mocha-flavored one. This is suppose to be easy as I’m only suppose to bake this for about 15 to 20 minutes. So I started the quick mixes – flour, eggs, little bit of cocoa, sugar and some leavening; popped it in the oven. 5 mins… 10…. 15….. still waiting. And waiting for the batter to rise. until it reached 18 minutes! >_< I know I shouldn’t trust my oven because she just can’t go with the proper baking time. If instructed to bake at 15 minutes I should only bake it for 12 and now I added 6 minutes of stiffness and dryness to the cake 😦 before I take it out I knew I’ not gonna like this one. ^sigh…. 




Anyway, I made the filling while counting 15 minutes. After cooling the cake on top of sugar crystals I started spreading the filling and roll. I was so in hurry to try it. Placed some whipped cream, sliced almonds and chocolate crumbles on top. Took a slice and tasted… nomnmommm.. yummmy! — but only if you’re too hungry 😀 I realized I have not eaten my breakfast yet! It was a bit over baked but still passed the taste test! Yipee!


 1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥

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