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Swirly B: Cookies and Cream Cheesy Brownies

24 May

OH YUM!! these are just a combination of three of my favorite desserts! What more could I ask for? mmm vanilla ice cream on top maybe then I’ll start looking at a morbidly-obese-grizzly-bear-looking in front of a mirror. ouch! ok that’s too much.

This is the very first brownie I made and I’m so pleased with the results. Brought some at work too and lucky enough that I was able to stretch almost one and a half pan of it among my colleagues. And guess what? I had my very first sale haha! Thanks to Daddy Abe! I promise to make one this coming weekend 😉 Brownies are quite easy and mess-free to make. A little muscle flexing will do without the need of that ever precious KA mixer. (so I think I can handle bulk orders aha!)


make the batter!


some Oreos mixed with cream cheese and sugar


mix all together, make a lovely swirl and bake!

perfect with cold milk! *I’m just a happy camper* 🙂

1 out of 5? ♥♥♥♥♥

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