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The Pantry!

27 Feb

There’s not enough counter space for every piece of bakeware I have in the kitchen. Best space saving solution? 3-tier stackable cooling grid! This won’t let my cupcakes, cookies, cakes and all scattered around the table while I let them cool. I have yet to try it but as per Wilton, it is made of metal with non-stick coating thus making it easy to clean. Well I hope so because washing is the part I hate the most.

Dimension: 15 7/8 x 9 7/8 in. It’s stackable so there’s gonna be more room for my sweet treats.


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The Pantry!

21 Feb

I don’t want to go broke buying those cute little cupcake liners or those adorable baking pans and cupcake sprinkles in Gourdo’s.  So I’ve been in hunt for some cheap but hard to find baking stuff. Since I live in the northern part of Q.C. it’s more convenient for me to get to Munoz than travel to Cubao.

So, the past weekend I decided to check out Baker’s Depot Walter Mart Munoz branch. I wasn’t expecting the store is going to be as plenteous as Chocolate Lover’s since it’s inside an established marketplace. Guess what? I was right. 😕  The store is so spacious as they have very, very few variety of baking stuffs. They have the usual baking pans, flour, chocolate blocks but it’s still nothing compared to that big castle of Chocolate Lover. So not the store their blog is marketing. Going there is a no-no if you’re planning on bulk buying or buying at a wholesale price. Speaking of price, you know those chocolate chips or morsels you put on cookies? The cost is almost competing with the one you see in groceries like that of Nestlé’s brand. What a screwball.

But it wasn’t all negative. I saw some cute cupcake liners and candy sprinkles which other stores don’t carry.But I had enough liners that time so I just bought a small bag of heart sprinkles. Cost me Php 45.


Sprinkled them on Chocolate Cookie Dough Cupcake.


In case you’re in search, here are the links:

 Baker’s Depot

Chocolate Lover

If you’re planning on going there to purchase anything I suggest you call them up first to make sure the product you’re looking for is available 😉




Smitten or Heartsored

14 Feb

Happy ♥’s Day


Wishing you the sweetest of Valentines!


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