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Love at first bite

24 Feb

There are just not enough hours in a day to do everything in my list. Baking was on top of it but House, M. D. swept me over. Here’s something that kept my stomach busy. So ♥!!!

Kellogg’s Frosted S’mores Pop Tarts. 8 toaster pastries in a 416g-box. You can pop it in an oven toaster at lowest heat for one cycle or microwave on high setting for 3 seconds. But if you’re hurrying to cram it in your face you can simply eat it right from the pouch.


Gotta try other flavors!



At the End of an Evening Munching

31 Jan

Me and beau were out last night for our filling-up-the-stomach-barrel routine. We were at Bagnet in Metrowalk sadly I can’t have my favorite cocktail that time but still we  had a nice alfresco food munching as always. Who wouldn’t love Vigan’s bagnet!? It’s the best oil drunken food I’ve ever had!

After finishing up a dish of bagnet and a plateful of sautéed glass noodles we decided to drop by Banchetto/Bancheto – why not? It’s just few blocks away (along Emarald Avenue Ortigas Center).

The venue is reaaally packed you can barely walk and check out the goodies lined up. I saw a few sweet treats and had an eye on Brazo de Mercedes (Crème-filled Log Cake). They had the usual chocolate cake which sells for 90 bucks. Imagine the profit they get for selling a 3-inch-diameter cake for Php 90! If only I have the knack for business!

The cake itself is just ok, not bad for a Php 35 cake and just enough to satisfy my strong craving. But the log was not filled with crème so they just spread it on top/side of the roll after packing it on a styro.

Got to make my own version sometime…

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