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Into the big blue ✈

27 Mar

Back with my browned and sheeny skin again. I haven’t tried riding any kind of boards but I always thought that riding a board on the crest of waves is no difficult. But apparently, surfing is NOT easy! It’s my first time doing it and I swear I could use buckets of sunblock and practice! – that’s just for the paddling part haha!

Sorry it’s just them in the photo as I was busy slamming myself in the water. But this is not the kind of wave you could swim into. I should know after rolling with my body curled up three times after hitting a big wave. It’s like spinning in a washing machine!

Around three in the afternoon it was calm… Perfect for swimming!


I’d say this is one of my happy beach moments in the big blue.


Location: Sitio Liwliwa, San Felipe, Zambales

Blabs: Chasing Waves ✈

15 Mar

I never got around to posting the past few weeks. I’ve had so much to juggle that baking has become a little less impossible. But no worries I’ll be making entries again soon 🙂

Where I’m at last weekend? Los Baños, Laguna in between the mountains of Banahaw and Makiling – Forest Club Eco Resort. Not too far to get myself relaxed in a hot-spring pool – very ideal for night swimming and team building. You know when the water is too cold and you don’t want to dip yourself in? This is the other way around. You’ll gonna want to keep yourself soaked as the water is super warm. You’re going to feel your getting drained when you’re sweating while swimming. Looove it!

There are other activities in store too like Survival Games, Canopy walk, Mud Crawl, Pool games and more. I was with my officemates. Didn’t joined most of the games, though, I enjoyed much! And the buffet meals too!

later! xo 


Blabs: Chasing Waves ✈

30 Aug

A week ago it was goodbye. I haven’t had any time to write a word. It was a short short days and a long boat rides in the sun (oh yes! the sun!!) Apart from getting sunburned I enjoyed the heavenly island of El Nido (about 200 km northeasth of Puerto Princesa) so much that I could stay there for months!

We’ve been everywhere in Palawan. Underground Rive, Bacuit Bay Palawan, Miniloc Island’s Small and Big Lagoon, Miniloc Island’s Secret Lagoon Beach, Snake Island, Shimizu Island, 7 Commandos, Matinloc Island’s Secret Beach, Matinloc Island Shrine Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Ipil Beach, Taytay are just some of them that I can think of. Hopping islands everyday now back I’m back with a summer skin.  redface  

Well, it’s a bit tough right now, really, the homecoming blues.. I feel a little blue, but I do hope it does not last long. I’m so looking forward to taking time off for another round of idleness, sea, sand, cocktails… and the sweetness of summer! 8)

I’m getting back into the swing of things so ta ta for now. See you soon! xo


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