The Pantry!

28 Jan

 I was lolling around my best-loved-ever utensils shop in QC – Landmark, Trinoma when I saw these mini loaf baking pans. I find them cute so I bought some! Think of making a mass of baked bread formed in these cute mini pans = ♥! So cute!  I scored them for Php 64.75 each.  I think it was about 9×4 in size. Not sure I just love them.


Gotta make something with these this weekend!  Ciao! xo


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One Response to “The Pantry!”


  1. No-hoper: Carrot Loaf « - February 1, 2011

    […] version of Carrot Cake but instead doing it in a regular round baking pan I baked them in these mini loaf pans. I thought two loaf pans are just enough to yield the recipe but I was wrong – cake came out […]

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