twenty eleven full of baked goodies!

31 May

blueberry dew celebrates 2011 awesome year of toothsomeness! LOL *fireworks!*


this post is uber old age late can’t believe I just remembered posting this yesterday!

some little photo memories baking left me with =) cheers!



Spices: Devil’s Food Chocolate Cuppies with PB Frosting

29 May

I have not laid hands on my oven for ages. What can I do if what I’ve been up to now is preparing my own food! Photo below proves it!

Looks fun looking at those spices. I feel like I can call myself a CHEF now LOL. So I finally got a bit of time off…

And whipped up something. Delishh….. delish….. NAH!  My mouth could only utter the first two syllables! neutral

are we done yet!?

Here we go! Cupcake itself was ok. I got the moistness I want for my cuppies. But the PB frosting I was aiming for was a F-A-I-L-U-R-E. Omigosh. Why did I even bother to bring some at work?

 butter + peanut and more butter…

Some said it tasted good blah, blah. Maybe because they didn’t know what these cupcakes should be like. Still, most of them gave me a thumb up.

Note, just a thumb


  1 out of 5? ♥♥♥

Meet Pola ♥

20 Jan

Hey guys! Didn’t expect to be back so soon! First off, I am truly sorry I wasn’t able to answer you guys back. I’d love to give out the recipe but unluckily I lost my notes 😥  asking you to Google the recipe is all I can do. One secret I wanna share with you is that I get some of my recipes online if not from my mom’s recipe book. So please forgive me if you’re questions have been left unanswered.

What I’m excited to show you tonight is my uber cute Pola. She’s a Polaroid / instant camera made by Fujifilm which prints credit card- sized pictures. I’ve always loved the idea of having photos printed right after they’ve been taken. So when I heard they still sell this kind of camera and supply films here in Manila, I didn’t wait long enough. I found some who sells it online but for a higher price. So if you want a cheaper one you might want to check out Fujifilm stores just call them up and they will reserve a unit for you soon as it becomes available.

 Initial plan was to get an Instax Mini 7 but I had to wait 30,000,000 years because it’s always out of stock. I heard it’s widely available in Singapore but it wasn’t an option for me because I just couldn’t wait! So here she is – Instax Mini 25. Inside the box are 2 CR2 Lithium Batteries, self-shoot mirror, strap, and a close up / macro lens. – avoids blurry pictures when shooting within 35cm to 50cm range.

 Films cost much! They sell it for Php 420 per pack. And one pack limits you to 10 shots only. I know, this got me cry-yay-yaayyyy too!

But it’s ok, every copy can last a lifetime. I so love it! Will show you sample shots soon!



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